Trish 1 copyHello and welcome to the Keep Your Daydream Podcast. This page is the transcript from Episode Zero!

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On this page you’ll learn about the podcast, what you can to expect, and get a glimpse into the types of conversations we’ll be having. The guests on the show have some truly inspiring stories of their life course corrections, adventure and travel.

You’ll also learn a little bit about me and my dream and why this podcast was started. But before we get into that… let’s talk about you. What’s your Daydream? If you already know… head on over to Keep Your and click the link “Your Daydream” and post it. You can do this anonymously or not, but who knows, you just might be inspiring someone with your dream!

Jena Pincott with the Huffington Post reported an interesting study from The University of British Columbia. It’s about the brain and it’s two networks: The Default and the Executive. The “default” (associated with creativity and self-reflection) and the “executive” (planning and problem-solving); When one is on, the other is usually off. The surprise is that when we are daydreaming we are activating both networks simultaneously. When we are able to tune out the present moment and dream…both sides of the brain have a chance to mix!

What comes of this are replays of the past, scenarios, abstract thinking, free-ranging ideas and, if we’re really lucky…the birth of a idea!!

I know, you’re already capable of achieving your dreams. How can I say that? Here’s how. Whatever you’re doing right now was once a dream. A dream that is now realized. It may not have taken the exact shape you thought or it may not be exactly what you want to be doing anymore but it was once a thought or goal that has come to pass. Earl Nightengale said We become what we thinking about most. What are you thinking about these days?

Do you ever have the feeling that there’s more? Maybe you’ve grown past where you are now….and you’re ready to stretch for something different? If so, you’re not alone.

The stories you’re going hear are not only inspiring, but they just might shift you’re thinking of what’s possible for your life.

In the first episode, Mark and Emily Fegan decide to take off in their pop-up trailer for 3 months and 8 years later… they’re still traveling. Or George Walter, who after a near death experience, in his small plane, got a wake up call – and he knew he was living on bonus time. NOW he lives in a different country every year! Or how about the episode with SV Delos where Brain graduated with an engineering degree, quickly became successful… but could close his eyes and see the next 40 years of his life and said…. Ugh.

You’ve got the idea of the podcast now – and if you’re ready to hear these stories – subscribe and dive in! If you’re wondering about my story and why I started keepyourdaydream… keep listening.

Like some of the stories you’ll hear, on the show, my dream came from a life course correction.

Are you ready…Put on your sneakers!

I Met my husband at 19, married at 21, daughter at 22

First house, first suburban, filled with 3 kids and a dog

Climbed the corporate ladder

Bought a bigger house and then an even bigger one, before the last one sold. Not a good idea….

Raised capital to buy a business in private aviation.

There was no question that we had subscribed to the mentality of more, more, more.

From the outside looking in… we had everything. At a cost. It was stressful to keep up with everything we had rationalized as things we needed. Over time, we referred to working as “feeding the shredder”. At the time, we didn’t realize we were associating our happiness with our achievements and possessions. But we knew we were not fulfilled. No matter how great the next thing was… the enjoyment only lasted until we got used to it as our new normal and then it was just another bill. The worst part is… we would have never stopped if it wasn’t for October of 2008 there’s no doubt we would still be in the pursuit of more. That’s when the stock market fell out of the sky and what that meant for us…60% of our bookings canceled in two months. We were forced to start making big decisions about what was really going to be prioritized.

And after two years of a lot stress… the final big decision was, we’re not going continue to feed the shredder.

We unplugged the TV, we canceled credit cards, we bought a car based on our budget and not our imagination. Here’s what we discovered?… we became happier with less.

We discovered that living our dream cost a whole let less than living a commercialized dream. And then we started noticing people living their dream. I’m not talking about expensive two week vacations…I’m talking about moving to a different country for two months or two years, from people…that shouldn’t have been able to afford world travel, but they were doing it! We learned that it had to do with their priorities and not their income.

Hearing one story led to the next and then the next and each one so inspiring, the question became how can anyone looking to live their dream get access to these amazing stories. And that’s when KeepYourDaydream podcast was born.

Join me each week to hear inspiring stories and head over to to learn more about the guests and subscribe to our email list to keep your dream alive.