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zamp 40 watt portable solar panel40-Watt Portable Solar Panel: Portable kits provide all the power of roof mounted solar kits with the added benefit of being able to place them anywhere under the sun.

To enter the giveaway, just become a KYD Insider through our Patreon Page! Not only will you get your own #TravelingGinger, but we’re doing giveaways nearly every month.

The winner will be announced on Thursday, August 10th! 


Zamp Led LightsZamp Solar LED Lighting Ket: Connect this to any 12v power source or 120v wall outlet for instant light. A perfect accessory for any place or adventure that needs POWERFUL, portable lighting.

To enter the giveaway, just go to our Instapage and find the picture of Trish & Tori hanging out with the portable Zamp unit above and the instructions to enter are in the post!

We’ll be picking a winner from the comments and announcing on Thursday, August 10th!


Zamp-Solar-Logo-V.2-PNGWe’re excited to have teamed up with Zamp Solar to recommend quality USA made products with a dedicated team that will support the KYD Community. During our tour of the Zamp factory, it was clear that Zamp’s craftsmanship had the attention to detail necessary to produce a built to last product. Visit Zamp’s website for more information and how to get started with being even more sustainable.

Battery_Systems_Logo_BlackBatteries are the heart & soul of any RV and when it comes to off-grid solutions, have the right setup can make or break a trip. It was important to us that we partnered with a resource that was going to take the time with the KYD Community to develop the right solution.

Josh from Battery systems offered to help you with your “solar math”, which was very helpful for us! You can email Josh (below) or visit the website of Battery Systems. Email: Solar @ batterysystems (dot) net 


Below is a diagram provided by Zamp that displays the components necessary for a portable solar kit and roof mounted solar kit. Keep in mind, that a Zamp portable kit comes with a built-in load controller to ensure your batteries will never be overcharged. Additionally, the inverter has a regulator to prevent charging devices once the batteries have dipped below 50%.

We’ll be added more content to this section in the coming days.

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Not so small print:

It’s important to mention that our opinions can never be purchased and we’re not getting paid from Zamp or Battery Systems. They provided the products for us to give our honest review and feedback. We would not recommend any company or product unless we were confident they would take care of the KYD Community!


Show Notes: Ep #43 Solo Traveler with Kristin Addis

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