Show Notes: Ep #5 Crossing the Pacific with Julie & Andy Nemier

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About the Nemier’s adventure

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Making the most of the life we’ve been given. That’s what Julie & Andy Nemier are doing on their Nordhavn 62 as the cruise down the west coast and cross the Pacific Ocean. They share their stories of how they made their dream boat possible, losing power in the middle of the night and relying on their strengths while to keep the boat afloat.



Puerto Vallarta  –  Arrival  –   December 5th, 2013Nordhavn 62 Dolphin

We had one of those perfect passages you read about.  Flat calm waters all the way across the Sea of Cortez. Crystal clear azure water, and dolphins!



n62 Strorage


What do you do with 30 years of stuff?  Get yourself a storage unit…a big one.  We had no time to dilly-dally.  Our mantra became “grab a few things, stuff them in a box, label the box, repeat.”  This was our routine for the next week.  As soon as we had a truckload, we would run the boxes down to the Unit.  It didn’t take long for the 20′ x 10′ storage unit to be crammed to capacity.  We were forced to make hundreds of on-the-spot decisions, but we have no regrets.


Working on the Nordhavn 62

We hauled INFINITY for the first time in Sept, 2012, for the pre-purchase survey, and haven’t had her out of the water since. We tend to do all our boat maintenance ourselves, including the bottom cleaning.  After 7600 miles and a couple of years of necessary hard scrubbing, there wasn’t much ablative paint let on the poor girl. It was time.

Harlie Nordhavn

Our dog of 12 years, her name is “Harley” and the family joke is, Andy has always wanted a Harley (Davidson) and so we obliged and got him one! He confesses that she is the best damn Harley he ever could of wished for (she is a Daddy’s girl!)  Harley is one of the crew and is a great little sea dog! She gets most upset if you leave in the dinghy without taking her, and more recently has taken to paddle boarding also.


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