Show Notes: Ep #83 Timeshare Hacking. How to Timeshare Full Time

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About This Episode

Michael and Edie ProfileThis episode will change your perspective on Timeshares. Mike and Edie with Full Time Timeshare share how they bought a timeshare for $1.00 buying them access to full time fun across the world.



About Full Time Timeshare

Nixon chopperFrom their website: We put our belongings in storage, rented out our house, loaded up our Toyota Prius, and we are traveling across the U.S., and eventually through Europe, timeshare to timeshare full time. At the resort get togethers we are asked, “Where are you from?” Edie says, “We’re homeless.” When we tell our story, they seem intensely interested and ask many questions. Some say they want to do it too. In this website we will disclose everything we are learning and discovering, how much we are spending, hits and misses, good and bad. Keep in mind we are learning as we go.



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