Show Notes: Ep #101 Less Junk More Journey

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About the Episode

Less Junk More Journey 2

The title says it all. Do you want a life with less junk, more journey and even better relationships with the people that matter most? That’s exactly what Nathan and Marissa set out to accomplish. Living with less has provided so much more.





About Less Junk More Journey

Less Junk More Journey 4

(From the Less Junk More Journey Website)
In May of 2015, after more than a year of planning, we sold our home and packed up what we had left into an RV. Living with less has been an exciting journey that has opened our eyes to what the world can offer if we are not hiding behind so much stuff.

We are still stuffaholics, but hope this journey will help us focus on what matters most in life…relationships.

We live in a 2011 Newmar Canyonstar 3810. It’s not quite the 1800 square feet we gave up with our house, but it’s 300 square feet of living space has been plenty for our family.

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