Show Notes: Ep #82 Working and Sailing Full Time in NYC

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About This Episode

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Are you looking for a new challenge or find yourself a little too comfortable? Maybe it’s time to mix things up likeAshley & Jason Bartner. An America couple that moved to Italy to start an Italian B&B and cooking school.





About No Half Measures

Ashley Bartner Profile 2Tutti a tavola! (All to the table!) Jason and Ashley Bartner are American expats living the dream in the Marche countryside and own an Agriturismo (organic farm, inn) and Cooking School. From the hustle-bustle of life in NYC to organic farmers & inn keepers our life took a 360! In 2007 we Founded La Tavola Marche and have been celebrating life at every meal – from the farm to the table – ever since! What better way to know a culture but through its food! We take pride in sharing with you the local, seasonal recipes of the area as well as a taste of sustainable living!

The Story of their home in Le Marche

Two young American expats found home in Le Marche. A short story of how Ashley & Jason Bartner moved to Italy from Brooklyn, NY to start La Tavola Marche (farm, inn & cooking school). Jason shares a brief but informative cooking lesson on how to make Pasta with Zucchini.



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