Hello & welcome to Keep Your Daydream. We’re Marc & Tricia and we’re glad you’re here. We personally want to invite you to follow our adventure on YouTube, listen to the podcast and read our blog for inspiration to turn your “someday” into now!

There is no question that we’re living the dream…but it wasn’t by accident and it wasn’t easy.

There was a time when we were chasing the American Dream. Nothing seemed to be enough. After awhile, it felt like we were in the management of stuff. The garage needed to be re-organized every other month and the kids always wanted the latest of everything. From the outside, we had everything, but in reality we were just distracting ourselves

Every year felt just like the previous and vacations were exhausting due to the obscene cost of flights, hotels, car rentals and eating out. Long story short — we were ready for a change.

We always had big dreams, like sailing around the world and living in Europe for a year, but we started to feel like we were waiting for our life to start. So we asked ourselves a simple question.

What could we do right now?

We were watching YouTube almost daily and were following countless sailing & RV channels. We decided that we could buy an RV and use the truck we already had to travel the States for six months. Tricia learned from the guests on the podcast that in order to make it happen we needed to pick a date. May 27, 2016 was 5 months away and just 2 days after the kids got out of school. That was as good of a date as any!

Tricia was right.

Once we had a date, everything else became clear. It became easy to make decisions knowing exactly when we were leaving. Saying no to random events that we would have previously attended became easy, because we were working on something bigger now. Decluttering the house, getting rid of clothes and selling furniture became the new weekend pass time.

Little did we know that the first 6 months was later going to be known as “Season 1”.

If you too are looking for something new and have an idea in the back of your head. You may have already discovered that it’s not going to go away. If you’re not careful, these little ideas can turn into regrets.

If you’re ready for the next adventure in your life, but don’t know where to start, listen the Episode 100. Watch YouTube channels that give you ideas and keep the fire going. And then pick a date!

~Marc & Tricia