5 Ways on How to Make Money Remotely

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Do you want to hit the road in an RV, sail over the horizon or get on the next international flight to the destination of dreams? But you’re not ready to retire or still have kids in school?

One of the biggest obstacles of turning “someday” into NOW is how to make money remotely. (Video Below)

Annie Dike with Have Wind, Will Travel asked us to share 5 ways to make money remotely. As we thought about each of ideas, it occurred to us that the guests of Keep Your Daydream have all tackled this topic too. So we selected 18 episodes to feature for each money making idea!

1. Take your job on the road

Goodie Gumbdrops

Goodie Goodie Gumdrop

It might seen impossible for you to take your current job remote. Keep in mind, this doesn’t happen overnight and there are steps you can take to plant the seeds and change the scope of your work to make this a reality. Remember that the income you may need living a more traditional life might be more than you’ll need traveling full-time.

Here are three episodes that highlight people who have taken their existing job remote.



Featured Episodes for taking your job on the road

Ep 80: Family of Four Slow Traveling the World

Ep 47: Full-time RV Family Travel

Adventure Possible – Mark Kelley (RV) Episode Coming Soon

2. Discover income in the location you want

Happier Than A Billionaire

Happier than a Billionaire

Too often people think they need years of savings or a mountain of passive income before they can quite their job and take off to the destination of their dreams. That’s just not the case. You may only need enough resources to get yourself “over the horizon” to get a fresh new vantage point. You have skills and good ideas. Chances are good those ideas can be deployed anywhere if you give yourself enough time to relax and let the creative juices flowing again.

Here are three episodes that to learn more about discovering the income in the location you want.

Featured Episodes for discovering income in the location you want

Ep 25: Happier Than A Billionaire in Costa Rica

Ep 82: Americans Cooking in Italy – No Half Measures

Ep 39: From Cubicle to Craft Beer in St. John Virgin Islands


3. Freelance Freedom (Location Independence)

Roamaroo Freelance


Do you already work from home or have a skill set where you could transition to working from home. If so, it may take only a little more effort or planning to turn your “work from home” job into a “work from anywhere job”.

If you already have your own business or freelance skills, another idea is to “productize” your business by providing the exact same service for all your clients and systemizing your service to make it easy for new clients to come aboard without the face-to-face requirement. This strategy will not only help your scale your business, but provide more time and the ability to hire a team to help.

Here are three episodes there people have created Freelance Freedom!


Featured Episodes for freelance freedom

Ep 70: Ditching the two week vacation with Roamaroo

Ep 58: Sailing Uma (Don’t Buy a Couch)

Ep 90: Creating Family Freedom with Nomad Together


4. Turn your travel experience into income


Extra Pack of Peanuts

If you’ve already figured out how to Get Out by using some of the remote income ideas above… now it might be time to sustain your lifestyle with your experience. Turning your experience into remote income may be just what you need!

This remote money idea also offers purpose driven travel, which can amplify your travel experience and help make even more connections with other full-time travel brands.



Here are three episodes of people that turned their experience into sustainable income.

Featured Episodes turning your travel experience into income

Ep 11: Part 2 Location Independence with Travis Sherry

Ep 13: Bearfoot Theory with Kristen Bor

Voyaging with Kids – Sailing Totem Episode coming soon


5 . Content Creation

SV Delos Crew

SV Delos

812,000 TV subscribers have “cut the cord” in just the second quarter of 2016 alone. Times are changing and the platforms in which people are choosing to watch and read content is changing faster than ever before. This media shift is opening the door for individual creators to grow their own audience by creating quality content and then monetize their audience into sustainable income.

This strategy requires a tremendous amount of time and can take a long time to build an audience, but it can also be deeply satisfying. If this is the path you choose to take, keep in mind that you don’t need to create endless amounts of content. Simply document you experience and let your audience grow with you.

Here are three episodes of people who have done exactly that!

Featured Episodes for content creation

Ep 3: SV Delos wants to make you smile!

Ep 68: Operation Moto Dog with Mallory Paige

Ep 67: RV Trip to Alaska with Chris and G Travels


6. Bonus! Part-time travel tips

Part Time Traveler

Part-time Traveler Blog

We couldn’t help but to throw-in a little bonus! After interviewing almost 100 people, we’ve noticed a trend of people who love to travel, but they also love their life back home. Share your dreams with your employer and help build a plan with enough time for people to help you. If you have the type of profession that isn’t normal to be remote, consider transitioning to consulting role and working 3 or 6 months a year.


If this is you, you might enjoy learning how these KYD guest have created the best of both worlds when it comes to their lifestyle.


Featured Episodes for part-time travel

Ep 31: Re-energize with Part Time Travel

Ep 61: RV Family Travel Atlas

Ep 87: Stories of Sailing the World with SV Terrwyn




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