Show Notes: Ep #87 Stories of Sailing the World with SV Terrwyn

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About the Episode

Cathy and Bill 2“The Bigger the Challenge. The Bigger the Joy”. Today’s episode will have you on the edge of your seat when hearing the sailing stories from around the world and storms that put the 37 foot Pacific Seacraft Crealock on it’s side!

If it’s your dream to sail the world… be careful before listening because you might want to walk out the front door and head to the closest marina.



More About SV Terrwyn

SV Terrsyn Boat

When “Gentleman Bill” Crealock (1920-2009) sat down to design the Crealock 37, he penned a yacht that would be ideal for coastal sailing as well blue water voyages. The goals were for speed and comfort without compromising seaworthiness, and indeed all of these characteristics have been well met with glowing accolades from their respective owners, some of whom have circumnavigated.

The Pacific Seacraft 37 is a handsome boat with a traditional look. It has a low freeboard, a large bow overhang, and a canoe stern. The rig is in a cutter configuration, a favorite among blue water cruisers. All the sail control lines are fed back to the safety of the cockpit. Under the waterline is a long fin keel and a strong well protected skeg hung rudder with a completely protected propellor.

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