Show Notes: Ep #93 Trip of a Lifetime with Chase Boehringer

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Chase Boehringer is back on KYD to share his experiences of his life-changing three month trip around the world. 90 days. 15 countries. 4 wonders of the world. 4 International festivals and 8,436 moments of pure joy.




More About The Bucket List Lifestyle

Bucketlist pictureFrom the Buckelist Website: The Bucketlist Lifestyle is not about living your life one bucketlist item at a time. It’s a lifestyle for people who want more than the day to day lives they have been told is safe and reasonable. People living The Bucketlist Lifestyle want to live the life of their dreams and they are willing to get creative to do it! This doesn’t mean jet-setting to Tahiti on the weekends after skiing in the swiss alps all week (unless that’s on your bucketlist!). It means sitting down, writing out a list as a blueprint for the life you want to lead and making a plan to achieve it. We bucketlisters know that when you put it on paper, all of it, you can more clearly see where you’re going. The only thing left to do is make a plan and live it! [Read more]

The Most Epic Trip Around the World




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