A Free Day in LA…and some extras too!

Don’t let the beach hair and laid back vibe fool you…LA is the second largest city, coming in right behind NYC with just about 4 million people. With that kind of density you know you are in for some real cultural treats. We challenged ourselves to do a FREE day in LA and you know what??? It really wasn’t that hard!

The Getty Garden 2

Free day in LA is Easy as 1. 2. 3. Psst…make sure you bring snacks for lunch and picnic for sunset dinner at the Observatory (or check out good places to lunch below). First on our list is the Getty Museum. Now, there are two, one in Malibu and one in LA. A parking pass will cost you $15 but it will get you into both locations…although it is highly unlikely that you will have time or the attention span to do both in one day. Second is a drive along Rodeo Boulevard into Brentwood and out through West Hollywood on your way to the Griffith Observatory.

We intentionally went to the Observatory for a “Walk and Talk” however; we quickly peeled out due to the LARGE group size and anti-climatic delivery of information. Luckily, there are several people working inside the Observatory that are quite excited to share different kinds of information about all the wonderful exhibits. True to our style, a self-guided tour made the Observatory fun and it let us socialize with all kinds of people visiting from around the globe. We closed the night by looking at Jupiter from the historic rooftop telescope followed by a view of endless twinkling city lights.

griffith observatory to telescope

There are no shortages of places to lunch in LA. With that said, we may have found a place that stands out from the rest. Nothing fancy…just pure ingredients that pack a flavor punch! Komodo may be the best burrito EVER. Like…life changing…can’t ever pass through LA again without going…how was I breathing before this day! If you’re looking for trendy and tasty, Lemonade will need to be at the top of your list. Marc wasn’t super excited at the idea of $4 lemonades and pricy add ons…but the food was good and healthy too. If you’re a local you already know about Tito’s Tacos. If you are coming from the Dockweiler RV park its on your way into the Hollywood area. Picnicking is also a gem of an idea! So if this is up your alley head over to Trader Joe’s or its more expensive cousin Whole Foods for some prepared foods and be on your way to all LA has to offer.

keep your daydream lacma lights

The LACMA! We have traveled most of North America and seen MANY museums…so please know when we say you should visit – it means PLEASE VISIT! Kids under 17 are free along with a free day once a month. Parking is scarce on the streets and usually limited to 2 hours but there is a parking lot for $14 for the whole day right across the street. You will want to see what exhibits are open and coming up…as the museum is constantly changing.

If you are looking for some other cool free things to do in LA you are in the right place. Here is a link to other Free Museum Days or if you are in dyer need to pump your Instagram with stellar shots check out this list of places to pose in front of! Or put your tourist pants on and do the Hollywood Walk of Stars staring on Hollywood and Vine. Due to the massive amount of people and overwhelming tourist vibe, we opted out. But if you haven’t seen the Chinese theater and other popular sites in the area…you just might need to do a drive by.

Free day in LA wings instagramNo matter how you slice it…LA will deliver. It has big city and laid back swirled into one compact space of glits and glam. One thing for sure you wont see it all in one day so keep a running list of things you want to do next time…and do me a favor…tell me what we should hit because we will defiantly be back.

Here are some helpful links:

The LACMA: http://www.lacma.org/
The Getty Museum: http://www.getty.edu/
Griffith Observatory: http://griffithobservatory.org/
Free Museum Days: https://www.timeout.com/los-angeles/things-to-do/free-museums-in-la-best-art-history-and-more-for-free

Things we brought with us to LA:

EasyAcc Battery Charger: http://amzn.to/2rseZZO
Enkeeo Skateboard: http://amzn.to/2t9J0KL
Tortuga Daypack: http://amzn.to/2spnv9E



RVing to Palm Springs

Palm Springs is the perfect stop when traveling between Los Angeles and Phoenix. For us, it was ideal for re-grouping after spending three nights dry-camping in Joshua Tree National park. Here are some tips for the next time you find yourself RVing to Palm Springs!


Known as a desert refuge for LA, Palm Springs comes to life in the winter months by hosting millions of visitors for music festivals, weekend getaways, and straight up fun!

Palm Springs Vintage CarsPalm Springs has made its mark on many decades; the biggest being the mid century, which the city gives its design nod to, and the late 80’s early 90’s. Currently, you can feel the town’s resurgence with new development, a strong local community, and music festivals that are going gangbusters.

We used our time in the area to hit the reset button after visiting Joshua Tree National Park. Our home base for three nights was Happy Taveler RV Park.  From there we were only a short walk to the BUZZ which is a free trolley service running you up & down the main drag. Psst…have a couple of single dollar bills to leave in the tip jar on your way off the trolley.

There’s no doubt this town was made to bask in the sun by day and party with your friends by night. But if variety is your thing…or you’re like us, and visiting with your family…here are a few other ideas.

Some fun things to do:
Palm Springs Farmer MarketFarmer’s Market
Cactus to Clouds Hike or Tram
BMW driving performance school
Check out the star walk while you go for a window shopping stroll

The town is made for easy transportation

Tips for the town:
Bikes are a great option but the town is very walkable and LYFT friendly
Check out surrounding areas like: Palm Desert, Thermal, Desert Hills Premium Outlets, and Coachella valley for additional activities and festivals.
Use the app FourSquare to find great happy hour specials along with good eats (hint: most of them are off the main drag). We always stay above an 8 score on FourSquare and haven’t had a bad meal yet!

The boys favorite Skateboard

The last way to get around Palm Springs, if you’re a teenager… a skateboard. And the boys are loving their Enkeeo 22 Plastic Banana Board. It’s been rained on nearly every month and still rolls through the streets of Palm Springs with no problem.


Joshua Tree National Park

Visiting Joshua Tree National Park to camp, RV or just drive through? Below is some information that might be helpful.

EP 52 Josh TN copy

Joshua Tree National Park is a respite melting pot. From the trendy LA 20 something’s bearing fedoras and Patagonia vests to tenting campers and fancy glampers you will find it all. One thing you will not find is service…for your cellphone or your RV. Be prepared to REALLY camp. Continue reading


Show Notes: Ep #107 Less House and More Living

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Gillis Family

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After mulling this idea over for a few years Chris and Jared knew that if they wanted it to happen – they needed to set a date and be on their way!

What does it take to get a family out of a house and into a lifestyle of more living? The Gillis family answers this along with a dozy of a question: do you have to be rich or retired to create the life of your dreams? 

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