Show Notes: Ep #97 RV + Young Kids = Adventure Possible

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The Kelley’s have set out to visit 52 State and National Parks in 52 weeks with their two young kids traveling in a 21 foot Airstream travel trailer. Mark & Katie share how they overcame obstacles to make their epic trip happen and share practical advice to help you make your adventure possible!




Adventure Possible

From the Website of Adventure PossibleAdventure Possible

In a traditional life, an average person spends the first twenty five years of their life learning through school or trade. The person then spends forty years working with the goal of saving enough money to retire at sixty five. At which time, they hope to enjoy some fifteen years of retirement before venturing into the everlasting unknown.

We modify life’s traditional arc.

The Adventure Possible Life borrows five years from retirement, dispersing those years in one year blocks every seven years throughout the typical working years.

As a result, we create five, distinct opportunities for adventure.

We work hard for seven years, advancing career, making money, and saving money.

For seven years, we thrive, driving professional success while dreaming and planning the next adventure.

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