Show Notes: Ep #106 A Conversation with Alex Hunter

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Are you ready to get in, out, and around the worlds greatest cities? Alex Hunter is the creator of Attaché, the popular YouTube channel for the seasoned traveler looking for the essential travel guide in just 15 minutes.





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From Recently I found myself arriving in cities that I’ve never been to before and know very little about. On any level. Culture, language, transport, money, food, etiquette, etc. But I found that modern travel content hasn’t caught up with the modern traveller. Most modern travel shows are 60 minutes long, US-centric, full of bad and often inaccurate information, and almost exclusively aimed at tourists.

So I wanted to create something different. Something aimed at the frequent traveller, something portable and short-form. Something…useful.

The modern traveller doesn’t have time for an hour long travel show full of misinformation and cheesy tourist traps. They want accurate, well-researched, practical, on-the-ground information they can use on frequent, brief trips to cities around the world.

So we created Attaché – a new kind of travel show, created and curated for the experienced traveller. Designed to equip them with the information they need to make the most of their brief but busy visits to some of the world’s greatest cities. Packed with tips on transport, food, money, and etiquette, we’re creating digital guides to digital cities .

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