Show Notes: Ep #13 Bearfoot Theory

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More About Kristen

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Kristen of the Bearfoot Theory is an outdoor adventure blogger for the everyday explorer. 

If you love to travel and spend time outside, You’ll love her blog and this episode of Keep Your Daydream. 

She started her website because she wanted to dispel the myths that prevent many people from getting outside. As a late outdoor bloomer herself, she’s found it easy to be intimidated by adventure websites and magazines that feature people skiing off cliffs and kayaking class 5 rapids. You might think, “if that’s what being outdoorsy is, then that’s not me!”


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She wants you to know that you don’t have to be a risk-taking adrenaline junkie and do things beyond your comfort level to have an awesome time in the outdoors.

Bearfoot Theory is to be a source of inspiration and information for everyday people looking to have an authentic outdoor experience. You can have an outdoor lifestyle that is easy, accessible, and fun. 

Beaver Falls, Havasupai AZ

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In the podcast, Kristen wants to inspire you to get out there and plan your next adventure…listen to how she has actually done it herself by leaving her desk job behind and pursuing her dream to create a new adventure.





Montrail, Utah

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Oh…and if you are wondering where the name Bearfoot Theory comes from…she has a Grateful Dead dancing bear tattooed on her right foot. She got it right out of college and still loves it till this day.

Slide Rock Arch at mile 6.5 in the Paria Canyon Narrows.



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