Have you ever wondered how people achieved their dream when it seemed impossible?

Well I’ve wondered this too, which is one of the reasons Keep Your Daydream podcast started.

If you’ve been following our journey you may know that our dream is to sail around the world, but “making a living” while “making our dream happen” is a must and time keeps slipping away.

After 50+ episodes (at the time) of amazing stories on KYD… one thing stood out. Take the first step – no matter how small.

That concept left us with a single question… what could we do now that will get us closer to our sailing dream?

Hello… RV Road Trip.

You may recall Episode 1 with Mark & Emily Fagan. They were our first exposure to a couple that took the leap to make their dreams happen when they left their conventional life behind in 2007. They have been full-time by RV and sailing ever since.

After even more RV conversations on the podcast, research on the various types of RV travel, Internet connectivity, routes and online schooling… we knew we could make this work. But not without the help from all the guests on KYD. Each week listening to new stories of people that made their dreams happen because “some day” never comes.

So we picked a date! May 28, 2016

We selected a 30 foot travel trailer and named her “Ginger”. We’ll go into all the details on why we selected this model soon on YouTube.

Over the past couple months, we’ve been selling or giving away anything that has been collecting dust. The movers are scheduled to store everything else and here’s what we’ve learned so far… we don’t use nearly as much stuff as we have! The process of letting go has been liberating, fun and difficult at times. Things that were important once, but not something that’s parts of our future needed to be let go.

Here’s the plan…

We leave on May 28 for six months around the states. First stops are the Western National Parks including Slot Canyons, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore before heading to Minnesota, Michigan, Maine and Manhattan. In the fall, the plan is Washington, Florida, Texas and back to Arizona by December.

We will be documenting our trip weekly on YouTube and the Podcast giving insider tips, ideas and inspiration for YOU to follow your dreams.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us and give us ideas on what you love around the States.
But wait! What about sailing? We haven’t given up on that dream! Far from it actually… The idea behind this trip is that it will give us some insight on how to “live lite”…in close quarters and see what it’s really like to earn a living on the road.

These lessons will help us build a bridge from where we are now to our big goal SAILING around the WORLD. And also spend some quality time with our kids before it’s too late.

Join us in the adventure! 

If you follow the adventure on YouTube, you can help us know where to stop, great places to eat and things to see. Send an email or leave a comment on our channel. We need your help!

Until next time… Keep Your Daydream alive!



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