Show Notes: Ep #105 Re:Operation Moto Dog with Mallory Paige

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About This Episode

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You have a choice. Every obstacle is an opportunity. Choose Happy. Seek Adventure. That is the motto of today’s guest Mallory Paige who is seeking adventure across North America on her KLR659 motorcycle with her dog Baylor in the sidecar.

Before Operation Moto Dog, Mallory had never driven a motorcycle and had little camping experience. Most people thought she was crazy, so she created her own “Can Do Community” of people willing to help. This episode is loaded with inspiration of how to overcome the impossible and make your dreams happen.

About Operation Moto Dog (OMD)

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Mallory wants to inspire people. No matter what your age or gender. Go for it!

To choose happy & seek adventure.

With Baylor the dog at her side, Mallory is traveling across all of North America (every state, province and Mexico!) building community, collecting stories, and proving that you don’t have to be fearless or perfect to live your dreams.

To learn more about Operation Moto Dog and follow Mallory’s Adventure… Start here.


Baylor the Moto Dog

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