Show Notes: Ep #31 Re-energize with Part Time Travel

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About This Episode

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.52.12 PM Sometimes the best way to get re-energized is to take a trip! Anne Lowrey, travel blogger and freelance writer shares how she has made travel a part of her life… without giving up her life at home.

About Anne Lowrey

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Anne resides in San Francisco and has traveled to over 40 countries – visiting many of those countries while having a full-time job. This episode offers insights and ideas of how travel can re-energize us and even get us out of a rut.

“I started writing Part-Time Traveler when I realized, although inspiring, the travel blogs I was reading were more about constant life on the road than wanting to pursue travel and still keep a home base.”

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From the Part-Time Travel website:

I won’t ever describe why you should go somewhere without sharing what I learned by going there. I hope I can inspire you to live a little better at home through the experiences I have had — to leave your home and seek your own lessons, and then to return and choose to still see the world with wonder at home.

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