Show Notes: Ep #27 Purpose Driven Travel

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About This Episode

Scott FriedmanOften we think of travel as something we’ll do “when”… when we have enough saved away or when the kids go off to school. What if your current set of skills that your using in your traditional lifestyle can be used to make a greater impact in the world? That’s exactly the story you’re going to hear today with Scott Friedman who started an organization called Together We Can Change the world. Scott is a professional speaker and while traveling, saw a need that he could fill using his connections and skill set.


Together We Can Change The World

twcctw1-1008x1024What began as a dream to impact children throughout SE Asia continues to inspire and assist women and children today.  In 2008 Jana Stanfield and Scott Friedman founded Together We Can Change The World. Both were conducting quite a lot of business in SE Asia at the time and had been touched by the culture, graciousness and compassion of the people, not to mention, the overwhelming need for support. It was decided, TWCCTW would focus it’s efforts in SE Asia.



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