Our Thoughts on an RV First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit pictureEpisode 52 in Joshua Tree National Park helped remind us the importance of a quality RV first aid kit. Although we had what we needed for my little bike injury, we were not equipped for much more.

The truth is…many RVers have an incomplete first aid kit or random supplies from the house.

Others might think to selves, “well… it’s not like I know how to use much more than some bandages”. Whereas in reality, it may not be you that’s using it. The chances of coming across an off-duty doctor, PA, EMT, fireman, or nurse are high. Often these type of professionals are attracted to the RV lifestyle. In the case of an emergency, these professionals should have the tools they need to help you or your family.

It’s important to mention that we do not own the first aid kit we’re recommending, but it’s in our Amazon cart right now. Episode 52 + walking into a picnic bench in Napa Valley helped us realize the need for a quality first aid kit. I read many reviews on Amazon many of the first aid kits had EMT’s commenting, “these supplies are toys and not first-responder qualified”. I didn’t want to be responsible for recommending anything sub-par. Yes, what I choose to purchase is expensive, but I think will offer good piece of mind and hope we never need to use it!





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