Show Notes: Ep #85 Sailing to Cuba with Caroselli’s

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The Sailing Life

Ep 85 ProfileCuba is becoming popular as more American’s get the approval to visit. If you have ever wanted to sail to Cuba or just like hearing stories of traveling to new places, this is the episode for you. Returning guests Rick & Katie Caroselli break down their trip to Cuba and share the food, culture and people.

About Rick & Katie Caroselli

One World Trade Centey NYC

Rick and Katie Caroselli and their daughter have lived and traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Internationally for over 30 years. Having resided in Colorado, Maui and currently Maine they specialize in charters aboard their 38 foot catamaran Makana as well as tours to their favorite destination locations both domestically from Hawaii to Maine and internationally from The Bahamas, Caribbean, New Zealand and South Africa.



Ep 85 BoatMakana’s 2015 Winter and 2016 Summer already have itineraries in motion. From dinner cruises to learning how to set sail Rick and Katie have unlocked how to sustain their dream lifestyle by sharing it with others. They say Makana means gift in Hawaiian and they feel the boat is not just a gift for them but all that share in her experiences!


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