Show Notes: Ep # 89 Sailing the Sea of Cortez with SV Terrapin

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About the Episode

SV Terrapin ProfileIf you dream of tossing the lines off the dock and sailing over the horizon, today will be overdose of inspiration. Aimee from SV Terrapin joins KYD to share how her family of four sold it all to make the most of the time they have now at sea.

More About Aimee (from the Terrapin website)

Aimee grew up in San Diego and spent the majority of her childhood on the beach. Born into a family of landlubbers who get sick at the sight of boats, she is newer to sailing yet eager to learn and excited to be serving as first mate. Having recently finished up her high school teaching credential she is excited about boat schooling her girls. She hopes that this new adventure will force her to become fluent in Spanish, something she wishes she had done while living in Southern California for most of her life.

Pictures from what was mentioned on the episode

SV Terripin

1978 45′ Dufour 12000 CT Pilothouse Ketch

Terrapin Zihu


Terrapin Blue Footed Boobie

Blue-footed Bobbie in Isla Isabela

Swimming with Humpback Whales

Aimee mentioned her husband Phil swimming with Humpback Whales. Check out the video and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos.


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