5 Ways on How to Make Money Remotely

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Do you want to hit the road in an RV, sail over the horizon or get on the next international flight to the destination of dreams? But you’re not ready to retire or still have kids in school?

One of the biggest obstacles of turning “someday” into NOW is how to make money remotely. (Video Below)

Annie Dike with Have Wind, Will Travel asked us to share 5 ways to make money remotely. As we thought about each of ideas, it occurred to us that the guests of Keep Your Daydream have all tackled this topic too. So we selected 18 episodes to feature for each money making idea!

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Is your dream to take off in a motorhome, RV, 5th wheel or travel trailer? Explore our breathtaking National Parks and meet bold new people living their dream?

When it comes to planning your RV travel dream, preparation is key. After all the planning and work put into your trip, protecting your dream is equally important.

Here are your 5 biggest RV warranty questions answered. To do this Tricia Leach, host of Keep Your Daydream Podcast (KYD) asked Jeff Shelton, owner of Wholesale Warranties to share what his years in the business have taught him. Continue reading


Have you ever wondered how people achieved their dream when it seemed impossible?

Well I’ve wondered this too, which is one of the reasons Keep Your Daydream podcast started.

If you’ve been following our journey you may know that our dream is to sail around the world, but “making a living” while “making our dream happen” is a must and time keeps slipping away.

After 50+ episodes (at the time) of amazing stories on KYD… one thing stood out. Take the first step – no matter how small.

That concept left us with a single question… what could we do now that will get us closer to our sailing dream?

Hello… RV Road Trip.

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Today I met my husband at the door with our dog. Paws up…tongue out too bad I don’t have a tail. Acting like a dog made us both smile then laugh. He promptly asked me to sit down in front of my computer and showed me this video. Wait till the end…then you’ll understand why this story is linked.

What did I learn? Relationships are just a series of mutual experiences. Being yourself connects you with the potential of unlimited possibility. What possibilities exist just by being you? Something silly may bring a smile…being genuinely yourself could set a new course in a winning direction.

By connecting with our impulse voice to give a complement, share a smile, hold open a door…we may end up giving a gift to ourselves. Not only can we change someone’s day, to the positive, but we can potentially start a ripple in the tides of favor. What does that feel like? Who knows where that might lead. Little things make a difference. Be there, be you and participate in the world around you.

Possibly my husband wanted to show me this video as an expression of love in response to my silly gesture. What might happen in return for your daily gestures?