Show Notes: Ep #100 How We Turned “Someday” Into Today!

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About the Episode


After 99 episodes of Keep Your Daydream and 5 months of full-time RV travel, Marc & Tricia share how they turned someday into today and the obstacles they overcame to make the adventure happen! This behind the scenes conversation will inspire you to take the leap!

About our Adventure

RoadTripMapBefore you listen to the KYD podcast, be aware that your dreams just might happen sooner than you expected! That’s exactly what happened through weekly inspiration of hearing 60+ stories (at the time) before we decided to pick a date and turn “Someday into Today”.

Our dream to sail around the world was just too far away and we were tired of waiting, so we asked ourselves what we could do now that will bring us closer to our ultimate dream. The answer was RV’ing. So we bought a 28′ travel trailer, decluttered the house and worked on the business to become “location independent”. Season 1 (as we refer to it now) is a six month trip around the States & Canada with our 3 kids and 16 year old Golden Retriever.

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Mentioned in the Episode

Marc’s favorite tool – our portable red wagon that we use for just about everything!

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